5th International Symposium on Nuclear Symmetry Energy NuSYM15, June 29 - July 2, 2015 Kraków, POLAND

Sherry Yennello
Texas A&M University College Station, UNITED STATES

Isospin Equilibration in Heavy-Ion Reactions

Fragments produced from 35 MEV/nucleon collisions were measured with NIMROD to study isospin equilibration via a nucleon transport analysis. The reactions studied were both constant mass ($^{64}$Ni,Zn + $^{64}$Ni,Zn) and constant charge ($^{64,70}$Zn +$^{64,70}$Zn) systems. The NIMROD-ISiS array is a 4π charged particle array that consists of 228 detector telescopes covering between 3.6°and 167° in θ. This complete coverage with NIMROD allows for the reconstruction of the fragmenting quasiprojectile. Comparison of the isospin transport ratio from individual fragment data to that from the reconstructed quaiprojectiles will be presented.