5th International Symposium on Nuclear Symmetry Energy NuSYM15, June 29 - July 2, 2015 Kraków, POLAND

Yongjia Wang
Huzhou University, CHINA

Probing the nuclear symmetry energy at sub-saturation densities with 3H/3He ratio

Within the newly updated version of the Ultra-relativistic quantum molecular dynamics (UrQMD) model in which the Skyrme potential energy-density functional is introduced, the yield ratio between $^3$H and $^3$He clusters emitted from central $^{40}$Ca+$^{40}$Ca, $^{96}$Zr+$^{96}$Zr, $^{96}$Ru+$^{96}$Ru, and $^{197}$Au+$^{197}$Au collisions in the beam energy range from 0.12 to 1 GeV$/$nucleon is studied. The recent FOPI data for the $^3$H$/$$^3$He ratio are compared with UrQMD calculations using 13 Skyrme interactions (all exhibiting similar values of iso-scalar incompressibility but very different density dependences of the symmetry energy). It is found that the $^3$H$/$$^3$He ratio is sensitive to the nuclear symmetry energy at sub-saturation densities. Model calculations with moderately soft to linear symmetry energies are in qualitatively agreement with the $^3$H$/$$^3$He ratio data of FOPI Collaboration. This result is in line with both, the recent constraints on the low-density symmetry energy available in the literature and our previous results for the high-density symmetry energy obtained with the elliptic flow of free nucleons and hydrogen isotopes as a sensitive probe.